What is LilWarriors?


A Distinctly Different Indoor Playground

Perfectly Designed for Fun!

Drop in today and see for yourself why LilWarriors has won multiple Reader’s Choice Diamond & Platinum awards each year since opening. Our 8,000 sq foot facility is thoughtfully designed so you can join in on the fun with your warriors.

5 to 12-year olds & active 14 month old’s and up will stay busy & active for hours!

Join your warrior in our ultra clean, massive & naturally bright indoor playground. 6 fantastic slides including a 4-Level Super Spiral Slide, mazes, hand trolleys, punching bags, bumper buoys, rock climbing wall, ball jam, 40’ talking tube, sports court with soccer, basketball, rides and so much more!

Have a Toddler Warrior under 3 years? No problem! We’ve got a large dedicated area just for them.

Of course, we understand if you can’t or don’t always want to keep up with your kiddo. Don’t worry, we’ve got adults covered too. Grab a drink from our concession stand and enjoy the sunshine in our natural light facility.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect. Unleash & Be well while making memories your kids will cherish

Our Story

With a vision of being a distinctly different indoor playground, LilWarriors vision is to buck the norms of traditional playgrounds.

Our playground was designed with 5 to 12 year olds, teens, adults & adventurous 14 month olds & up in mind.

We have no desire to pay simple lip service to common playground claims… Clean. Safe. Fun. Adults join in on the fun too. Custom designed & constructed for ages 1 to 10 says virtually every playground everywhere. NO Jungle theme, NO dinosaur theme, NO simply themed with primary colours of red, yellow & blue while realistically catering to ages 5 & under. A few activities in a playground where most kids ages 7 & up or even adults aren’t allowed to go or realistically can fit in.

We ARE different. Our facility set up IS unique.

Ultra clean. Naturally bright. Amazing high ceilings. Fresh Air. Sticklers for safety. MASSIVE playground jam-packed with activities. Dedicated Toddler Area. Beautiful seating for adults. Ambassadors of Play

Pick any or all of those phrases. We meet them all.


Planning A Party?

Stress-free parties by THE Party Pros.

Value packed options include virtually everything you need to be known as the host with the most.

Check out our extremely popular Warrior packages, Private Facility parties or the much sought after Nerf party which takes place ON our massive playground.